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The concept of Lucid Dreaming – Dream of the REM Cycle

Lucid Dream, if anything is a dream in which the dreamer is completely aware that they are in a dream but unlike in Sleep paralysis, they are not half stuck in the dream and half stuck in the reality. Here’s, a person is entirely aware of the dream and all they need is a push from sleep paralysis in the right direction to enter into the stage of lucid dreaming. According to the statistics, only a small percentage of people that have the hypnagogic sleep paralysis can actually make themselves go back into the dream and an important thing is that lucid dream occurs only when you’re entering into the sleep, i.e; the beginning of the REM cycle. Of those people who can force to go back into the dream, some of them can even hang to the consciousness to enter into the state of lucid dreams. Therefore, it is important that not many people can experience both the sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, while only a subset will be able to do it. Also, if you’re doing it forcefully; there’s a huge probability that you might not get successful.

The main overlap between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming occurs where the person stays conscious of the surroundings. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to discern between both of them, but the key difference is that the lucid dreaming will be blurred when it comes to the detailing when compared to sleep paralysis. For example, if you’re awake and you see your alarm clock, you can see the clock reading 3:02 am in the sleep paralysis, while in the lucid dream, you might not be able to read it because of the reduction in the resolution.

Over the internet, we have seen people asking about specific tactics in which one can turn a sleep paralysis into a lucid dream. Most of the times, the isolated sleep paralysis happen during the REM which is like only a hairbreadth distance away from the sleep paralysis and therefore, it is essentially easy to lose the paralysis and enter into the self-awareness dreaming. Sleep Paralysis can act as a reliable portal to enter the lucid dreaming state an later into the astral projection as well. The only thing is that we tend to get stuck in the midway and in such cases it is important to know how to move to either this phase or the other phase. One should know that fear is the ultimate factor that makes you nervous during the sleep paralysis and as mentioned earlier it is important to grow conscious of it and fight against it, to spiral yourself from the spookier and frightening hallucinations. As breathing is the ultimate key to the relaxation, make sure that you take larger and deeper breathes with regular intervals with the intention to get into the lucid dream.

Techniques that can change Sleep Paralysis to Lucid Dreaming:

  1. Imagination: This method is about imagining where you actually want to be and then opening your eyes to that. After you have started centering yourself, close your eyes and notice how there are few floating sensations in you. Try relaxing to them without panicking. Now, start drawing the intention and then declare yourself doing that. For example, if you want to fly in the sky over the waters, imagine that you are at the ocean right away instead of starting with the travelling to the ocean. If you are in the lucid dream state, the dream will start emerging from the darkness of the eyes and it will seem almost real. The only way to be clear about how you are feeling is to remind yourself constantly that you’re just dreaming.
  2. Vortex: When you’re in sleep paralysis state, close your eyes and then start focusing all the attention to the vortex, above the eyes where the imagery and the lights usually linger. In time, you will see all the spectral lights being gathered at that particular point of concentration, like when you’re playing with a kaleidoscope. Now, maintain the focus so that you will enter into the imagery and the imagery will start expanding into a visual field that almost feels real. Here, you will experience the feelings of both flying and fall and you will be sent through a tunnel in order to enter the dream world. If you have a specific scenario to emerge, add the intention while you’re traveling in the tunnel.
  3. Flow: Flow is personally the favorite of most of the people. It is because unlike the other cases, the chances of failing are certainly low when compared to other two techniques. According to Stephen LaBerge, instead of using the prospective memory or the intentionality, one should just go where we are pushed. Whenever you feel a pull in sleep, also known as the wu wei in Taoism culture, you’re actually experiencing a lucid dream that is caused by flow or says effortless action. This method has a habit of causing the perceptual body to melt and enter into a vast dream world. It is similar to encountering the lucid dreaming world full of walls and mirrors and here, you can float around with the dream body through the geometric imagery.


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