The Concept of Astral Projection – Spiritual Body

Astral Travel, also known as the Astral Projection has been a controversial notion where we claim a unique perspective without any solid physical evidence. However, if you’re someone who is old to lucid dreaming and sleeps paralysis, it strikes a larger resemblance with both of them, especially with Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD). So, if you ask me whether astral projection is real, well it kind of is. As I have mentioned earlier, when a person is in a lucid dream, there is a high possibility of them imagining that they are flying. However, in astral projection, it is not the dream scene anymore, but you actually feel your body floating out of the window. It is tangible and extremely comprehensive and when you look at it that way, all the pieces fall into the puzzle.

There is indeed a notable amount of overlap between the three, because in all the three of them, the body stays in the state of paralysis. On observing the three phenomena, you might end up wondering how mysterious sleep can really be. Astral Projection is nothing but an ancient art where you are taking your soul to a non-physical yet conscious state where the soul enters into the other dimensions without the existence of the physical body. It is said and believed that in this state you will know who you truly are, what you will be, what you had been, where you came from and what purpose you hold. As funny as it seems, it might even act as a unifying answer for your entire existential crisis. However, in no time, you will gain the ability to see through things, fly around and sometimes do whatever you want and many ancient texts have it that you might as well go see the Akashic Library (According to anthroposophy and theosophy, the Akashic library is nothing but a compendium where all the human events, words, thoughts, emotions, and intent of the past, present, and the future are recorded and stored).

How does Astral Projection work?

A sannyasin says: Sometimes when I go to sleep and I lie on my back, I can feel something moving in my body. It’s not my body…it feels like energy.”

Usually, while you’re in sleep paralysis state, you start off with relaxing the body muscles, mind and another part of the body. After that, you should let go of all your thoughts and over the period, your mind will start being less responsive to the exterior world. Here, you will enter into a hallucinating state, quite largely termed as the Hypnagogic state. With time, your body becomes heavy and numb and you will then start falling into a deeper state of sleep known as the pre-obe state. In this state, your heart will be felt thumping up your chest and your body will start itching until it becomes totally intolerable.  If you manage to someone not move and not think of anything, you will feel a buzzing sound and electricity generated from your side and within time, they start increasing and you will feel that you are being lifted upwards until you finally come out of your body.

Astral Projection, even without any solid evidence, other than experiences is believed to be true because its existence is dated back to the ancient Egyptian civilization where people referred it as the eternal body or the leaving of Ka. Even in the Mahabharata of Hindu theology, Drona is said to leave his physical body and reach heaven in order to check the soul of Ashothama. Astral Projection has various references in Mayan, Islamic and even Christian culture; where the Easter is celebrated because of the Astral Projection of Jesus where he leaves his physical body on the third day of Good Friday and reaches the heaven.


It is because of the complications that it holds, it has not become famous but not everyone can achieve it. People who have experienced it tend to gain a great knowledge as well as a visually acute experience for life. The only difference between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming is that during the lucid dreaming, you can have the control on the surroundings because everything in the set is a dream even when it is vivid than the normal dream. Apart from that, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, and Sleep Paralysis are the inseparable siblings from the same mother and the hold a greater connection between them. At times, you might even enter from one phase to another, say that you’re experiencing the sleep paralysis and somehow you have managed to enter the lucid dream, you can then enter into the astral projection phase and with practice, you can do it even more easily. It is important to note that all of these three phenomena should only be used to attain enlightenment and there is an equal number of drawbacks when you try any of these. They are different from each other and not everyone can feel it. People who can variate the difference between the body, the mind, and the soul can only do it and for the initial times, it can be really scary.

How to turn Sleep Paralysis to Astral Projection?

Sleep Paralysis is the perfect time where you can try the astral projection because your entire body is actually immobile and feels like it is anchored. Therefore, it is easy to separate your astral body from the remaining physical body as an ideal situation. In the real world, astral body can also be termed as the cosmic energy that is stored inside a person and during the projection, you want the energy to get out of your body while it stays put. As mentioned to do this, one has to raise the vibration of the body and retract the docking clamps to keep the ship stay attached to the body. Meditation and gaining dual consciousness are most preferred techniques to practice the astral projection.

While you are actually performing an astral projection, you are looking for your consciousness to enter the astral vehicle instead of being in your body. This can only be done when you can shift the consciousness out of your body and come out of the normal state of the existence. While it sounds totally weird and uncomfortable, this is the only way it can be done. As your energy leaves the body, there is a possibility that you might hear and see some negative energies around you. The only way to fight them is to ignore them and tell that they came out of the fear. According to Osho, when you come back to the physical body, you will be left with a thrill and this is even deeper than having a sexual orgasm.

“In fact in sexual orgasm, the same thing happens. Because of the female energy, your male energy is attracted so deeply that it leaves your body for a few seconds. It is not only an ejaculation of semen—it is an ejaculation of you”

Sleep paralysis, sometimes can also indicate a rapid change in life, a start of the journey, a journey that you have not experienced before. While all of them are related to each other, sleep paralysis paves the path to the rest and it holds and keeps you in a place where you can relax, instead of panicking. By loosening few clutches, you can gain a control over your soul and enter into different states that you have not imagined before. However, it is also equally important to not be so focused on it or try some new things, because, there are certain cons one might experience. For example, after getting an experience like that, one might get into a traumatic state if they have bumped into something that scared the shit out of them. Therefore, be careful about what you’re doing so that you don’t have to suffer with the consequences further.


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