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Karma and Paranormal Science Theory

Have you, as a human ever wondered why it feels so familiar when you have met a person for the first time or when you have visited a particular place? It’s like you belong to this person/place for so long and the sense of familiarity that you’re experiencing can’t be explained. Speculatively, this is one of those moments where you believe the concept of past lives and how Karma starts enacting on you. So, how exactly do this Reincarnation and Karma exist and can one prove the vague idea of karma through Vedas? Let’s dig in.

“This is just a matter of belief, how can it be proved?”, asked the curious barrister.

“Through written and oral testimonies for the people who have the eyes to see about what’s happening in the astral planes”, replied the Great Master.

“Did anyone here have the vision of it and can he tell us about those experiences?” the barrister inquired.

“There are a lot of people here than you can imagine, however, they do not want to be identified as the ones who have the eyes”, replied the Grand Master.

“This is not about fame or acknowledgment. It is only because there is an inevitable curiosity about it in me”, persisted the barrister.

“How would their truths and experiences satisfy your expectations?” the Great Master asked.

“I will be satisfied by their testimonies”, the barrister answered.

“Then why are you not being satisfied by mine?” the Grand Master laughed.

With that, he I was taken to the lady who has had an experience of such kind. She explained to me several things about the astral plane which I could not understand at first but then when they were translated into English, her narrative has caught me. According to her, the astral body of a person is visible to the clairvoyant eye (the eye that has the vision) and therefore, it can see the astral body which has the likeness of the physical body even when it is departed.

Reincarnation is a phenomenon where we believe that the soul of the person is resurrected. In a simple sentence, when a person dies; their physical bodies get decomposed but their souls are born with other bodies. Therefore, the human consciousness will always have memories of previous lives that are often triggered by a few incidents. People who have ultimate levels of cognition can only bring these memories back. Reincarnation also has known as the religious birth is indeed a philosophical concept involved with the soul. It is believed that a soul is reincarnated based on the ethics of the morals of it in its previous life.

However, that drives us to the question; how do we know if the doctrine of reincarnation/karma is actually correct? Is it just a matter of faith or there any paranormal perceptions involved in it? According to Pratima Bowes, a famous Astral philosopher, in her book Dimensions in Karma; “Rebirth then remains a matter of belief and its factuality cannot be proved”. The book also contains arguments by Karl H. Potter saying that there are a lot of scientific theories that are to be understood behind the concept of Karma.

Paranormal Science:

According to the Hindu concepts, man is composed of two principles; the spiritual and the material energy. Both of these energies are opposed to each other, according to nature. While the ‘Atma’ of a human is believed to be immutable, eternal and indestructible; it is not created or not increased through any means. Throughout the years, it has remained constant without any alterations or modifications in its content. The physical body, on the other hand, is created, destructible and extremely temporal. The union between the body and the Atma of a human is an accident where the soul gets trapped inside the body because of karma and avidya. To begin, it is imperative to understand that the paranormal sources play a crucial role in the religious concepts. Patanjali, the book of Yoga has references to Paranormal sciences as well.

“The knowledge which is gained from inference and the study of scriptures is knowledge of one kind. But the knowledge which is gained from samadhi is of a much higher order. It goes beyond inferences and scriptures” (Patanjali I:49).

While Patanjali gives you a list of knowledge sources that a yogi can gain through particular sources; the source of the paranormal activities are different from what we usually refer as divine revelations. According to the Bible, revelations are given by God to people at unpredictable intervals because of His own reasons. On the contrast, the psychic powers of a human being are acquired by advanced meditation and yoga in the Hindu context. However, it is not possible for everyone to attain them. People who attempt various degrees of meditation and other spiritual practices can’t succeed all the times. According to Patanjali, the success and progress are highly dependent on the effort and the focus that people have on the particular spiritual practice. Karma believed to be the consequences of past life is also known as a major factor that affects the progress of the practitioner.

As a result, it is only obvious that we can only experience other states of meditation, sleep paralysis, REM sleep, Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection because of other factors that our soul has been involved in. While some people wait for decades and decades to gain the progress, things come easily to a few people and that is the one thing that all the practitioners in the world agree with.

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